"We were having issues with our water softener clogging up and not working properly. Kevin came out took a few minutes to look at our controller, we did not get our water softener from this company, which we now regret. Kevin was professional, kind, and explained in great detail what was needed. We had called out the company several times where we bought our softener prior to Kevin being referred to us, no answers at all. I love Butler Water and highly recommend them!! Thank you Kevin!!

Awesome experience!!! Highly recommend!! Cheap, easy, and it now works!!

                                                                                    -Kristy K.

                                                                           Maineville, OH

"I found the entire process to be a pleasant one.   The salesman did not pressure us to make a decision or to purchase a given system.  He simply provided us with the information we requested and allowed us to decide if we wanted to purchase and which system we wanted.   The installation was smooth and fast.  The installer cleaned up after himself. 


The salesman made a follow up visit a few weeks after the installation to make sure everything was operating properly."

                                                                                -Cliff H.

                                                               West Chester, OH

"We had been dealing with hard water for several years, and my significant other noticed it to really aggravate her skin because she was used to having soft water growing up.

After calling Butler Water Systems, they came out and tested our water
and recommended the best soft water conditioner for our family.  Not only did they do a professional job, Bret Abner educated our family about key chemicals and other potential contaminants that we are no longer bathing in.

I would highly recommend Butler Water Systems if you want to
have better water quality in your home. "

                                                                                                  - Joe T

"I am very pleased with the price and service with the installation of my whole house water filtration/softener and reverse osmosis system.   My water softener that I bought from Lowe's wasn't working so I contacted Butler.  I decided to upgrade to a whole house filter system to take out chlorine and other contaminants. 

I liked working with Butler Water Systems so much better than other company which I used for my last reverse osmosis in my last house.  My filters cost less and I can change them myself.  The other company has a service contract and you can only get filters through them.  Their reverse osmosis may look cheaper online, but the yearly service maintenance needed costs more in the long run.  I also know my reverse osmosis is NSF certified.

Kevin was my salesperson and Danny did the installation.  I would highly recommend them because they have awesome employees who go above and beyond in service."


                                                                                                                                                                                         - Melissa B

                                                                                                                                                                                   Maineville, OH

What Our Customers are saying

All in all ZERO complaints, only praise.

"We spoke to both Art and Kevin about the installation of our new water refinement system.

Kevin came out to our home with brochures and information about the different choices in systems that we could make. We decided on the system that we wanted and he priced out the cost of the system and install along with cost for installing the extra piping to bypass our outside water faucets.

On the scheduled date the installer arrived on time, was courteous and knowledgeable of what he was installing. Took approx. 4 hours to install the softener and filter system and install 100ft+ of bypass piping. We started with a water hardness around 23 grains, but by the time the installer left it was as Zero grains. Even with all the extra work the installer had to do, you can't tell anything extra was installed. His work was that clean.

Kevin came back out to our home 1 week later for a follow up visit and to retest our water again. Water was still perfectly softened and no issues at all.
I have nothing but praise for Butler Water Systems. I will be a customer for life and I have already recommended them to a couple neighbors.

-Todd G

Maineville, Oh

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